The Conjuring

A little about tonight that was different, thanks to love.

I was in real danger,

I was so deeply moving,

I moved past my headspace and I kept going, swooning,

But you came to me, you belligerent fool,

Until dawn saw sunrise as the mire took the moron from me.

I was also, so bitten by this insect that you are,

That I was not perfect in my misery,

I bought too many people from that slave driver.

But you are, you are, so perfect you are,

People of this devil, so miserable so far.

Grief caught me wondering about you on my way home,

I saw you slaughter my slanted escape,

A slight pathway in the west that was gasping for me.

Why are you so distraught, my wonderful thing,

I would build you a brick wall so thick it could ring.

Ring me a rosie,

I have a pocket full of my heart,

A blood like thick sweat,

A build like that man and his goat’s bet,

Islam, Islam, give me back that thought beck.

Black sheep, black sheep,

List me in my sleep,

I’m caught for the devil that I’m bought by this land,

A countryside of Australia that never caught my hand,

Forever, forever, taken into sand.

If that’s ever perfect, give that misery back to those,

Whose uniform gave that bait back to those,

Whose perfect but not select was this forever, in throes,

Cut off my leg,

And make me a new one,

I’ll have what you have,

Yes there is no saint in Hell that would stop me.

There is no wight plunder,

Above the ground,

Where I breathe.

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