Author in Science Fiction and Non-Fiction, Poetry and "Picture-Fiction"

Poetical Works of Jesse Almarker

The poems of Jesse Almarker, which began in their creation shortly after he turned fifteen in the year 2006 were namely “psychotic” but, self-titled as an “anger topic” in the middle of the night, such songs as the publication that was done in theatre in late 2006 by Insanity Flare were inspired by the poetry itself.

(Tom Flugge and Kyle Rodda, including Jesse, were a part of the same band.) ’94

Inspired by the Australian countryside of Wilson’s Promontory and Bass Coast, the project of writing a poetry book sets Jesse aside. He is not willing to discuss the works of the book in his mind just yet and, as the turbulent explorations of the coast begin to accroach his duty closer and closer to the time to begin, the mechanical workings of the explorer car that he will be to use are in lieu, turning into an event.

Jesse has spent $10,000 modifying a touring car which is to be used for the sake of recommitting to the exploration of the Bass Coast region, this SAAB which replaced his Volkswagen Polo is much the comfort as it is the creature.

Be it as it may that the plundering of family assets has set this invention into it’s midst, there may and must be a way to get the “go-ahead” signal on this poetry book. I am telling you, this kid is like the poetical heist, he is the joust, it’s like making an armory out of a man that just belts the metal back to bare blade and steel. (It’s a steal.)

His only willing preview being The Butchery Song, [“I will have to invent more later…”] I assure you that in this next coming sequence the atomic poems will blind your mind to the family novella of the past.

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