Traditional Usui Method Reiki Healing

Jesse A.B. Almarker, professionally qualified in reiki levels 3/a and 3/b, a fully qualified teacher and master of reiki healing was once a victim of a horrible car accident at age 18. Two passengers of the car suffered injuries to their spinal chords and Jesse was the victim of PTSD and psychosis, now suffering schizophrenia. This boy, now 30 years old and in his young adulthood has become the author of 3 novels on medical health, qualified in C.IV Massage Therapy. Well known to trauma and psychotic episodes in his studies of psychological health, the student of B.SCI Psychology is and has been recently close to the position of becoming a doctor of medical science, in due time.

“I moved well past my trauma. I moved into a mindset of heaven, a state of mind that was better for me than ever before with reiki. I moved through lots of my pain and I felt better off, but I completed the journey and became sad. That is why I wrote my books, to find out why, but I found out I had to go back to the beginning again to find out if anything was wrong with me, again.

Life is like a raging serpent, it takes up against you sometimes and you can’t help but get smashed off the winning podium again and again. The beast must come from deep in it’s own rushes, because the way it thrashes sometimes makes people like me feel that I can’t try anything without getting hurt. I can.”

In Jesse’s life there was a realisation that there could be no way to quit and, that there must be a way forward. More importantly, in the ways that the spiritual essence could change like cold air across the grass, the decision to practice reiki brang much more health than anything else. Gaining health was like losing a bunch of heavy old bags and feeling better started with accepting the difference in real positive energies as opposed to old, built up grief because, as life can throw us around a little bit sometimes, the heart and mindset can grow where only other old things would build up and overshadow real natural health.

Sometimes trauma is a well accrued thing, it is something people worked for. It can be traumatic unveiling too much of it and the best part can be the health, the turnaround point or the “time I healed” whereas the worst part can actually be any of these things we try to get through and we fall apart too much to win.

A depiction of TRAUMA, painted by Jesse

“Other things we go through in life like visits to the hospital can be too overwhelming to heal people at all, and this is where I recommend reiki. I think that people are too overconfident in the medical industry and that sometimes medical help just can’t provide any assistance to somebody in the long run. Taking a bit of time on the therapy bed with a trained therapist can make a beautiful difference in my life especially after something rough like visiting hospital. The former can be, ironically, the part that makes me the weakest and, reiki therapy provides me with the most gratitude and passion that I can find, anywhere.” Jesse says that the best part of understanding medicine is the wisdom to take years away from it, the best insight – to wait as long as possible.

An insight into the human body, sketched by Jesse

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